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Becoming conscious relationships

The quality of our relationships influences the quality of our lives.

Looking for some extra tools to help you (and your partner) grow into a more fulfilling relationship?

Not in a relationship, but want to show up more consciously for your next one?

This course is for you!

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Loving all that you are

Navigate the journey of self-worth and loving all that you are. By work through the wounded layers and becoming aware of the issues that reside, you will learn how to cultivate self-love and compassion so that you can be your authentic self. 



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Personal Healing

one-on-one in person and distance sessions

In this session, we will work on a specific issue you would like to heal. Beginning with a discussion, you will describe the issue to the best of your ability and I will ask any questions that may come up for me.

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Animal Healing

one-on-one in person or distance sessions

In this session, Amber will learn what it is that the animal cannot communicate, healing health issues and emotional traumas they may have experienced.

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Space Clearing

residential, commercial and private land

Amber will come to your home/office/property/land and clear the energetic blueprints and heavy energy. She will also remove any spirits that may exist and help them to ascend.


and Events

Coming together in community is a profound aspect of our healing.

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This work has transformed my world, and has reminded me of the endless possibilities time space holds for us.


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