Animal Healing Session


In this session, Amber will learn what it is that the animal cannot communicate, healing health issues and emotional traumas they may have experienced.

Animal Healing sessions can be performed on any type of animal, either in person or, from a distance.

During an in-person session, Amber will come to your home to ensure the animal feels safe and comfortable in it’s own territory. She will then journey into their specific issue and energetically work on it.

Distance sessions are also available. A picture of the animal, name, age, breed and specific issue will need to be provided.

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Amber was referred to me through a friend because my dog was given a terminal diagnosis. He was lethargic and not eating. I contacted her to see if there was anything that she could do that would help to either ease his transition or help to heal him. After the energy clearing that Amber did she sent me an email outlining her methodology and his responses. It is now two weeks later and my dog is wagging his tail, eating food and happy to be here. I have no doubt that Amber‘s touch, even from a distance, it was a key factor in his turnarounds. I am so grateful for her skills and caring.
— Traci Bateman