How to ask the Universe for signs

How Spirit told me I was pregnant

We are always being divinely guided, but sometimes we don’t pay attention to the messages that surround us. Developing a conscious relationship with Creator/spirit/the universe has always been a desire for me and learning to communicate with the unknown has been a game changer.

Spirit, if I am meant to go to Peru show me a beaver, if I am meant to stay home show me an Eagle.
— Amber Kupina

 Signs and messages are all around us, all the time. We ask for them, pray for them, yet we can get caught up in our ego or skepticism and call it coincidence or even completely miss the memo. When I learned that I could ask for specific messages and signs I jumped on it right away, and they came flooding in. Having daily conversations with Creator is a part of my spiritual practice, it might be a five minute conversation, it might be one minute, no matter then length it develops a stronger more conscious connection to the unknown power that encompasses all things. My conversation might be “hey spirit, just wanted to let you know I am so grateful for _________, I would love to receive _________ to contribute to the joy in my life. Thank you for always providing for me and your unconditional support”

 The Universe responds to how we are, not what we want or don’t want. Learning mindfulness of how we are and becoming the energy of what you want is how the universe provides.

 One of the first signs I ask for was if I was meant to train under my teacher, Algonquin Medicine Man, I asked creator, “If I am meant to train under him and become a healer, please show me a blue jay, show me this blue jay to tell me that I am on the right path” I picked a blue jay because one I love blue birds, and two, I hadn’t seen one for what felt like years, I said a prayer and asked spirit for this while I was on a walk. When I came home I walked into my kitchen and a blue jay flew into my back yard and landed on my patio. They then began to show up anytime I doubted myself or wondered if I was on the right path.

 In April of 2018, my husband and I were getting ready to start trying to conceive a child, so I asked for a sign again. “Spirit if I am meant to be a mother, show me a red bird, a cardinal” Not sure why I picked a bird again but I did, cardinals do not live where I am from so I trusted they would show up somehow. They immediately started showing up EVERYWHERE, on instagram, videos of them on people’s decks, pictures, odd décor with cardinal print, when I went to client’s homes for space clearings the address was ‘cardinal way’, the bird was everywhere. In May when we started trying to get pregnant I assumed first try it would happen because I was meant to be a mother. And it didn’t. A few months went by and I was disappointed with the negative tests and became annoyed with the cardinals everywhere. It took me a bit to realize because I was so caught up in the emotion was that spirit was telling me “chill out, you are meant to be a mother, it will happen, trust the timing.”

 I learned to surrender to the process and continue to heal. My teacher also reminded me that my child has a plan, they want to be born on a specific date, they want to come at a certain time, they are a part of the plan and I needed to respect that. This helped me settle into the process. In August I was deciding whether to go to Peru with my teacher on a trip focused on healing or not at the end of October/November. I was so uncertain because we were trying to conceive that I had to turn to someone who knew better than me. So, I asked Spirit for another sign, a message, an answer to guide me.

 “Spirit, if I am meant to go to Peru show me a beaver, if I am meant to stay home show me an Eagle.” I then left it up to them. A few days later my friend Gabi, asked me to go to the lake with her so I did. As we were driving I told her about what I asked for and we got excited about what could happen while being in nature for a few days. The first evening we were visiting her mother and step father, I turn around and an Eagle flies by, low enough I could see all of its details, its beak, its white head and huge wing span. I was in complete shock; I turn to my friends and their jaws drop. And at this exact moment, Gabi’s step father takes off his sweater [having no clue what just happened or my conversations with spirit] and is wearing a red cardinal t-shirt. Jaws hit the floor. Spirit said  “Don’t go to Peru, you are going to become a mother”.  Well damn, if that’s not a clear message, I don’t know what is.

A month or so goes by, the Peru trip takes off without me and a few weeks later I find out I am pregnant. We conceived while they were in Peru. THANK YOU SPIRIT.

Amber and Jesse Kupina

Developing a relationship with Spirit/Creator/Universe is easy, you just need to show up, talk to them, pray, meditate, start creating and being the person you want to be so they can provide you will all you desire.

How to ask for a sign:

1.     Pick what you want your sign to be

a.      [I usually pick animals because I like them so much. My husband has picked fancy cars in rare colors. Could be a song, a phrase, anything. My sister picked a sun with a face on it. It can be anything.]

2.     Say a little prayer

a.     “Spirit I am asking you to show me a sign, please show me__________ if I am meant to ______” “ Please show me __________ to tell me ___________” “Please remind me with ______________” There is no wrong way to ask, just set intention and surrender the answer to them. Offer gratitude for the support.

3.     Not getting a sign is a sign.

a.     You might not receive the answer you want and that’s ok. It might not be meant to be, you might have something to heal. It might not be the right time. There might be a better plan. You might have to heal and change for it to be in alignment. It is okay, be gentle with whatever happens.

4.     Surrender, let go, have no attachment.

a.      Let it be guided to you and pay attention. Use this as a way to become more mindful and conscious of the interconnectedness of all things.

5.     Continue to live life.

a.     Spirit doesn’t do the work for you, and won’t make decisions for you. They support you and guide you but you still have to live your own life.

Shannon Droeske