The Basics of Healing


It is important to remember that healing is not separate from life,
it is a way of life.

Like anything else, there are components of healing that are essential to the journey and outcomes desired. Healing is about change. Taking our experiences, beliefs, thoughts and emotions and transforming them into teachings. In this journey, we remember who we are, that we are not what has happened to us, that we are beautiful, unique and special. Healing what binds us to our wounds allows us to discover peace, acceptance, joy and freedom.

It is important to remember that healing is not separate from life, it is a way of life. It is what we do when “life happens” when we experience, pain, suffering or trauma. There is a difference between surviving and healing, we can survive what happens to us, but that does not mean we are free from it. Healing is a life path that when we choose it, may not be easy, it is confrontational and requires a commitment to ourselves, that even when it gets tough, we show up for ourselves so we can be free from our past and be who we want to be.  

The basics of healing provide awareness of the aspects that contribute and facilitate our growth and evolution. They guide us through the journey and can teach us where our work lies.

Components of Healing

1.     Authentic desire - this is our intention; we must want it.

2.     Belief - we must believe in our healing, believe in our outcomes and that we can do it.

3.     Visualization/Dreaming - we must see our healing in our minds and see it as if it has already happened. Dreaming our world into being, dreaming our desires into experience.

4.     Choosing - Choosing our own healing, we must choose the work, choose the outcomes. Everything is a choice and if we learn to view everything as a choice, we have more options.

5.     Gentleness - learning to be gentle with ourselves and others around us as we learn this way of life, being gentle in all our experiences.

6.     Breath work - practicing breath work allows us to relax our nervous system, enter into a light trance and move energy. The breath moves energy through and out the body, it helps us control our emotions, response and move stagnant energy.

7.     Responsibility - taking responsibility for our own life and our outcomes. We may have had things happen to us, but if we don’t take responsibility for our outcomes we blame our power away. [This is not condoning any behaviour, it is taking responsibility for our life]

8.     Awareness - developing awareness provides the ability to see things in a new way and expand our ability to understand. Seeing the parts of ourselves that we have chosen not to and to understand why we are the way we are.

Embarking on this journey means you have listened to the call, that your soul knows there is something waiting for you and that you matter. When I began my healing journey I wrote a list of everything I wanted to heal, now I get to check things off, and add new things along this journey. I encourage you to write a list of what you want to heal, look at the components of healing and make a connection between them and your life. This is where we find out what is possible and what life could be life.

May you feel loved and supported on your journey and give yourself all that you have ever needed. Many blessings.