Calling in your Soulmate

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Manifesting Love

When I was younger, my mother would say I was, “boy crazy”, but when I reflect back, I was in love with love. I strongly desired connection, intimacy and what was possible in a partnership. We are naturally designed to crave connection, and who doesn’t want to be madly in love. As I got older I became aware that I was subconsciously programmed to be attracted to men who didn’t make me a priority, spoke to me in a degrading way and were not faithful. It was like I could not find a man who treated me the way I desired or the way movies portrayed. Fortunately, I was also fascinated with self-development and healing which gave me access to a better understanding of myself and how to heal this pattern in order to find my soulmate.

I know in the depths of my being, that I manifested and created the relationship I have today with my amazing husband Jesse. I was the call to action for myself, I was the missing piece of the puzzle, and I made the difference in my love life. That being said I wanted to share some of what I did that called Jesse into my life.

There is so much that goes into having a healed, loving, sacred relationship, there is no such thing as an effortless partnership. It requires work, responsibility, accountability and constant love and nurturing. And over the years Jesse and I have spent much time healing, developing self-awareness and implementing the tools we’ve learned into our relationship. You can read as many relationship books as you want, but until you take that information and apply it, you will never see a change. However, prior to Jesse, I was doing some manifesting magic to call in my dreamy soulmate.

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Simple Steps to Call in Love

  1. Self-awareness: Look through your past relationships and bring awareness to themes. How did you feel in the relationships? What was similar about them? Take responsibility for those themes, address your own behaviours and issues so that you can also be the one who someone is manifesting.We all have issues and let’s face it, if you show up skeptical, needy, or insecure that will affect the quality of your relationship or deter relationships. So ask yourself: Who do I want to be in a relationship? How do I want to show up? And start showing up as this person.

  2. Daydream what love feels like: many focus on the absence of love, wishing and wanting, but their awareness is on the lack of it. My bedtime routine consisted of playing love songs, that cultivated the feeling of love inside me, and I let the emotion take over. Emotions lock us in, and calibrate our body and being to that energy/vibration/frequency. So connect to what love feels like and daydream about it. Let your imagination run.

  3. Journal what you desire: I would write out daily what I desired in a relationship, qualities I wanted my dream man to have, whether that be loyalty, passion, humour, generous, kind, playful and how we would work together. What our dynamic was like and how I would feel in the relationship. The repetition of this exercise helps download it into your subconscious, allowing it to become you, and you become it.

  4. Create a life you love: one thing I know for sure is people are drawn to passion. When you create a life you love, people want to be a part of it. When you are excited about your life, and what you are doing it is attractive. At our wedding ceremony, [my spiritual teacher performed ceremony] he said, two halves make a whole, and two wholes make a couple, and that is what you are. It spoke to me so deeply, we don’t need anyone to complete us, that is lack, when we are whole and complete it creates opportunity for collaboration and contribution. And that is what our relationships are, a collaboration together to contribute to each others lives.

  5. Set your intention to call in love

I could write for days on what I have learnt from my relationships and how Jesse and I have worked together to get to where we are now [because it did not start this way]. It is something that we are so passionate about, and perhaps will spend more time sharing what we have learned. My biggest tip for you, is be the love life you want. It all begins with you.

If love and self-development are important to you, check out the Becoming Conscious Relationship course that Jesse and I did together in the course section of the website. Here we share in greater detail our personal story and the teachings and techniques we use every day.

Blessings of love, passion and intimacy


Amber Kupina