Why you shouldn't pray for strength

What we ask for, isn’t always the antidote we truly need

Whenever I offer group blessings, many people request to receive blessings of strength. It is a common thing people pray for. We call out to the Universe or God and ask to be given strength. We ask for help to become strong. What we don’t realize is that often what we ask for is not the antidote we truly need. It is one of my favourite a-ha moments when my spiritual teacher explained why we shouldn’t ask for strength. It clicked, and caused me to be fascinated with how much we focus on what we don’t want, our issue, our problem and how our language impacts our reality.

So why shouldn’t you pray for strength? Well, how does one get strong? If we compare it to physical strength, we get stronger through lifting heavy, pushing our limits and challenging our body. It is the same with life experiences, we become stronger through adversity, pain, challenges and struggle. We all in some way or another have had experiences that have helped us grow and become strong. We have all experienced issues, problems and trauma in different ways where we have developed our strength. When we pray and ask for strength, we are asking for challenges, struggle, experiences to push our limits. As life has it, we will undoubtedly experience things that support our growth and tenacity. Do we want to continue asking for more? Or do we want to pray and ask for what we truly want. Praying for ease, flow, flexibility, freedom, support and grace might be the antidote you are looking for.

Where there is no struggle, there is no strength
— Oprah Winfrey

Language is powerful. Pay attention to what you ask for, what words you use, what you focus on, and question if it is what you want. Common things I hear are “ I want to be free of anxiety” “I want to be pain free” “I want to let go of my anger or the past” Here there is some awareness, but it is not focused on the healed outcome. What is the opposite? You want to focus on its antidote, its cure. For anxiety, you are seeking peace, faith and acceptance. If you want to be pain free or heal an illness, you are seeking health, wellness, energy and healing. If you want to let go of anger you are seeking joy, happiness and peace. If you want to let go of the past, let it go and focus on your dreams. Your language is your prayer, your emotion is your prayer, your focus is your prayer. Your prayer is being heard… always. Word it with care and intention.

With blessings of love, gratitude and joy


Amber Kupina