Developing a Spiritual Practice

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Make it simple,

but significant.

Don Draper

When my Spiritual journey began, it started as a feeling, an awareness of something more. This is how it begins for most, we hear and feel a calling, but many just hear it, and do not listen. We can refer to ourselves as Spiritual, but our actions and way of life is what develops this aspect of ourselves. If we call ourselves healthy, but healthy practices and ways of life aren’t there, we are not living into the words.

Spirituality, like being healthy , is a way of life. Cultivating and developing a practice is the foundation to our Spirituality. Often, we can get caught up in the next thing, the next inspiration, next motivational speaker, or next book and in between fail to keep up a simple practice. I say simple because it does not need to be complex. We can become infatuated with the external resources and never fully integrate into what we have learned. When we do the work, it is more than doing it, it is becoming the work, becoming what you have learned and living it. It is easy to learn the vocabulary, watch the videos, read the books but it takes work to live and be it. I always like to say there is a difference between knowing it and getting it. The getting it comes from our actions, and developing a practice that supports our Spirituality.

I have many clients that get so caught up in what they “should” be doing or the next thing, that they have multiple practices going on that eventually it becomes too many things to do, their energy is scattered that they “fall off the wagon” and stop a practice all together, then shame themselves. Here is where simple comes in. Your practice does not have to take an hour, it does not have to be complex, it does not even require tools or a fancy altar. The work is within, not how many tools you have. Your tools are you and Spirit. So, Spirit up.

I want you to remember that the basics are important, simple is important, and at some point you may not love your practice, it may not be fun or new but it will be your foundation. And like a house, a good strong foundation is essential for longevity. My teacher once said to me, “a master does not stop healing when he has fallen out of love with it, he continues even when he does not love it because he knows its benefit”. So you may fall out of love with your simple practice, and thats okay, but don’t stop because it will always be beneficial.

Here are my three foundational practices and I will offer a couple more simple ones that you can use as a part of your practice. However, I remind you that you do not need to do 15 things a day. I keep mine consistently with these three practices and take additional actions when necessary. Less is more.

Spiritual Practices

  1. Breath work- I spend a couple minutes a day doing breathing techniques, connecting to my body and my breath and allowing myself to become present to the now. This can turn into a meditation or can be 3-5 minutes of just breathing. Our breath moves energy, expands the aura and stimulates the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system as well as induces a light trance state.

  2. Conversations with Spirit- a.k.a Prayer. I love talking to Spirit, I do this while I’m washing dishes, walking my dogs, in the bath or in meditation. The more I talk with Spirit the stronger of a connection I develop with them. Again, this can be a 2 minute conversation, but keep the conversation going. I always keep my conversations positive, about healing, and I avoid complaining, or talking about what I don’t want. I use this as an opportunity to gain support in my healing and my outcomes.

  3. Gratitude- this is the most important emotion. Embodying gratitude and becoming the energy of it amplifies our life and aligns us energetically to more opportunities and outcomes to be grateful for. I usually do this in my prayer to Spirit, acknowledging all that I am grateful for.

Here are a few other practices you could implement:

  1. Meditation

  2. Grounding [through visualization or feet on the Earth]

  3. Journaling

  4. Bless yourself & your food

  5. First thing in the morning or before bed, no phone, sit in silence, connect to yourself

  6. Yoga

  7. Be in Nature, connect with Mother Earth

Developing your Spiritual Practice is a commitment to yourself, your growth, and your evolution. Just like how the Abc’s are the foundation to our language, your practice is the foundation to your Spiritual way of life.

Spirit Up
— Amber Kupina