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Becoming Conscious Relationships

The quality of our relationships influences the quality of our lives.

Our relationships are meant to be fulfilling and bring us joy, however, many of us don't experience the full potential of partnership.

In this course, Amber and Jesse Kupina address common issues in relationships and share their teachings which they have discovered through self-development and healing.

This course gives you (and your partner) access to deeper levels of love, connection, compassion , understanding and intimacy through awareness, and becoming conscious in your relationships. 

In this course we address:

  • Your love blueprint

  • Trust and respect

  • Effective Communication

  • Difference between men and women

  • Love languages

  • Self-worth in relationships

  • Relationship myths

You will receive full access to this course, which you can return to any time, as well as, a PDF workbook.

Investment: $37

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Self-Worth Series:
Love all that you are

Navigate the journey of self-worth and loving all that you are. In this 5 week course, you will learn how to cultivate self-love and compassion through addressing and healing self-worth, rejection, shame and self-sabotage so that you can be your authentic self.

We often fear being who we truly are and letting our greatness shine, we hold ourselves back and prevent the world from experiencing our light. In this course we do the shadow work necessary to unleash your magnificence.

You will receive full access to this course, which you can come back to at anytime. Including workbooks, videos, and healing meditation.

Investment: $197

Manifesting through Consciousness

We are all creators of our world, but how do we begin to master this craft? Think of this as manifesting 101. consciousness is the foundation of our reality. your current consciousness is the leading force that manifests and creates your experience. The more we expand our consciousness the greater our ability to manifest becomes.

You will receive the talk on manifesting through consciousness complete with a guided healing to call in your desires. Happy manifesting!

Investment: $7