Manifesting Through Consciousness
6:30 PM18:30

Manifesting Through Consciousness

Our consciousness is the foundation of our experience and our reality. If we want to call in abundance, freedom, opportunities, experiences, love and our dreams, we must enter into the consciousness that supports those outcomes.

In this healing circle I am going to discuss consciousness and its role in our ability to manifest, and then lead a healing that subtly shifts the subconscious blueprint to pull in the energy and frequencies that align to what you desire.

I look forward to sharing space and manifesting with you.

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Becoming, Conscious Relationships
1:00 PM13:00

Becoming, Conscious Relationships

Amber and Jesse Kupina have grown together, becoming a conscious relationship that allows them to move through life together effortlessly. Coming from unhealthy relationships they took on the roles of self study, and self-development which has cultivated their sacred love into a relationship they had only every dreamed of. 

During this seminar Amber and Jesse will be sharing their personal stories, their past wounded relationships, and the love lessons that they have developed together through their own healing journies.

What does it take to have an amazing relationship? What might be in the way? What do we commonly mis-understand?

They will teach what they believe relationships require to flourish into their potential so you can have the love life you desire. This event is open to all and not limited to people in relationships/couples, come alone, come with your partner, come with your best friend.

At the end of their talk they will open it up to questions from the audience. Feel free to bring a journal and take notes.

This event will be facilitated and hosted By Selina Gray.

Talk is from 1-3:30pm.


Event will be held in the CN Theatre at Grant MacEwan

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to Mar 26

Soul Tribe Series

This is a 4-week series that runs every Tuesday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Dates for March series are as follows:

March 5
March 12
March 19
March 26

The intention of Soul Tribe is to create a spiritual community, bringing together like-minded people to have open discussion on healing and develop a spiritual practice. In these sessions Amber facilitates open conversation on specific topics where participants are able to share their experiences and ask questions in order to develop who they are. This is an interactive process that stimulates a greater self-awareness, self-realization and strengthens one’s perspective.

Soul Tribe series is a month long, consisting of four sessions, coming together once a week for two hours. In these two hours, we meet people who are a part of our life plan growing our tribe, dive into our healing discussion and move into an activity. These activities range from oracle cards, meditation, guided group healings, strengthening intuition, partner work and affirmations.

These sessions have created profound change, growth, intuition and have contributed to lifelong friendships.

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