In this session, we will work on a specific issue you would like to heal.

Beginning with a discussion, you will describe the issue to the best of your ability and I will ask any questions that may come up for me.

We will then move into ceremony, which will consist of energy medicine and/or journeying.

Be sure to read my blog post on The Basics of Healing!


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*Please note: Sessions can be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to your appointment or you are subject to full charge. Sessions are non-refundable. Look forward to working with you.

All sessions are booked in mountain standard time (MST)


Intensive Healing Sessions

2.5 Hours $395 (+GST)

These sessions are designed for Spiritual Transformation. Amber will guide you through an immersive healing experience that includes but is not limited to:

-Engaging with Spirit, calling on your Spirit Guide, meeting them and receiving messages.

-Tarot/Oracle Card reading to guide your session

-Ceremony [Journeying into consciousness, or energy medicine]

-Chakra and aura healing

-Spiritual Coaching on specific issues

-Water Ceremony: Water is very susceptible to energy, words and frequency. When we watch those videos of apples spoken to negatively, or positively and see the effects on their health, one of the reasons is water holds the energy of those words. I will perform Ceremony on water which will change the molecular structure of the water, taking this water home and drinking it will transfer healing into the water in your body [which makes up 60%] I will provide instructions and details in session on how to integrate this healed water into your life.

-PlantMedicine Gift

-Homework and self healing techniques

If you are wanting to dive deeper into your healing, break through barriers and align yourself energetically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally to the life you want this session will provide you space to do so.